What is the University of Greenwich portal?

The University of Greenwich portal is a web portal, which provides a single point of access to a range of online information and services provided by the university. Here students and staff can see their course material, read their emails, access personal calendars, search the library catalogue, view their marks, participate in university groups, and much more.

University of Greenwich students and staff (academic and support) are the main groups who have access to the portal.

The portal can be accessed from inside and outside the university using the internet either directly at https://portal.gre.ac.uk or via the University of Greenwich website at http://www.gre.ac.uk and selecting the student and staff portal link on this page.

What are my portal username and password?

You will find information to help you in the guide to getting started [PDF]. Note that upper and lower case matter in passwords.

Every time I login to the portal I am immediately logged out

There are three main causes of being logged out from the portal:

Firstly, if it happens almost immediately after login, and you are using your home computer, it is either to do with the internet browser and/or the security software on your home PC. (This should not happen on a university PC - if this does, please inform the computer lab helpdesk.

A solution is to open your normal web browser just to establish a connection to the internet and then minimise (but not close) this browser window. You should then open your computer's default (unmodified) web browser (Internet Explorer for PC users) which is normally located on your desktop as a blue "e" icon or from your Start menu under Programs. Connect to the portal using this web browser and login. An alternative is to download and use a different browser such as Firefox, but try the above first because downloading a new browser may take a long time and may not be necessary.

Immediate logout problems can also be caused by internet security (firewall) software such as Norton - if this happens to you, try reducing the security settings of the software until you can successfully access the portal.

Secondly, you may need to alter your portal logout timeout; this is the period of inactivity before you will be logged out of the portal for security reasons. You can change the timeout by going to "Preferences" and amending the time displayed.

Thirdly, if you use the browser "left arrow/back arrow" key when on the home tab (the screen that you first see after logging in) the portal will log you out.

How can I get help accessing and using the portal?

There are a number of facilities to help you learn how to login and use the portal, and to get answers to questions and problems that you may have. From the portal login page you can access a variety of help materials. When you are logged into the portal, you can access the same set of help facilities by clicking on "Help" at the top right of the screen at any time. The help facilities are designed to help you find answers to your queries and problems immediately so that you can get on with your use of the portal; please try these first.

However you may sometimes have a problem or question that cannot be resolved or answered by the on-line help materials. If so, please use the support form to email a query to the groups providing help for users of the portal. You will be emailed back as soon as possible with an answer or a request for more details; but please note that this service is currently provided between 9am and 5pm, UK time, Monday to Friday.

There are a few problems which are best investigated or resolved through a dialogue with you, either on the telephone or on the computer. In these cases the portal support staff will contact you by phone, or give you instructions on how to start a computer conversation with them.

What are announcements?

University/Campus announcements are sent to everyone in the University of Greenwich.  Personal announcements are sent to individuals based on their roles within the university (student, staff or faculty [i.e. School-based]) and on their memberships of groups or courses.

What is BannerWeb?

BannerWeb is the University of Greenwich's online system for students to update personal details; monitor and make financial transactions with the university; verify programme and course details and print the coursework headersheets for submitting assignments. It can also be used to access the on-line registration system.

BannerWeb can be accessed via the Students Records (BannerWeb) channel on the My Learning tab (students) or the Students tab (staff).

Visit the BannerWeb pages for help with BannerWeb.

Where can I find help using the calendar?

For help using the calendar view the guide to using the portal calendar [PDF].

Where can I find help using channels?

For help using channels view the guide to customising the portal [PDF].

Where can I find help about groups?

For help about groups view the  guide to using the portal groups studio

How do I change my personal settings?

You can find help about this in the portal preferences section of the guide to customising your portal view [PDF]

Where can I find help using electronic resources (e-library channel)?

You can find help on using the electronic resources (e-library channel) in the electronic resources section of the ILS Frequently Asked Questions guide to the portal.

Where can I find help using WebCT?

For help using WebCT please look at the Web Services help page, from which you can access staff/student-related help, frequently asked questions about WebCT, and also send an online request for help to the Web Services Team.